Our juice roots began in a big Orange-Shaped kiosk at the Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto. We called ourselves Orange Cup because all we served was delicious freshly squeezed orange juice, it was simple. It REVOLUTIONIZED the way people experienced fresh orange juice.

That was over 30 years ago. Today, we call ourselves Freshly Squeezed. When our customers asked for the bold, fresh flavours of fruit juices from around the world, we said “Brilliant!”, our menu evolved to include exotic and delicious fruits such as Mango, Coconut, different Berries, and more. We were the first to introduce natural sugar cane as a juice over 10 years ago and has recently seen unprecedented growth in the marketplace. In Addition to the juices above we have listened to our markets demands for alternative juices and have responded by creating our own nutritious Cold Press Juices that have been a resounding success. We still believe in the pure simple taste of fresh juice, so really nothing has changed except the diversity of deliciousness you can expect.

Enjoy a full line of smoothies, bubble teas and Matcha teas on our expanded menu. Our friendly and knowledgeable associates serve up the finest and freshest drinks in an exciting environment. EXCITED taste buds guaranteed.

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